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Makers Spotlight

Makers Spotlight

Make Your Mark

Celebrating Leatherworkers Everywhere

Whether leathercraft is a profession or a beloved pastime, Tandy is proud to share the stories of creative people like you who are making their mark through a passion for leatherwork. Don’t miss our current maker of the month from Red Pony Leather Goods, the Watkins family!

Meet the Watkins Family

For Jennifer, Bill, and their daughter, Allison, leatherwork may have started as a hobby, but it soon grew into a family business. Tracing their leatherworking journey back to its beginnings in a Tandy class, the family has since sharpened their skills, now creating a variety of professional-grade wares for their shop, Red Pony Leather Goods. While Red Pony sells everything from belts to barrettes, it remains best-known for its one-of-a-kind jewelry that’s as artful as it is expressive.


Get Red Pony’s Pattern

Feeling inspired to create your own leather jewelry? Start by downloading Red Pony’s exclusive pattern and instructions for stamped earrings. With helpful tips to guide and inspire you, you’ll be well on your way to creating standout accessories for every occasion!


Featured Project: Stamped Earrings

Red Pony’s exclusive Tandy tutorial is perfect for learning how to create beautiful leather earrings, no matter your skill or experience level. Watch it now to see each step of the process!

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