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  • Spec Case

    Spec Case

    The Vintage Kit Pattern contains a tracing pattern with a photocarve design for a slip-in spectacle case. Make it just like it's shown, or throw some creativity at it and make it your own!

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  • 1909 Archery Set Pattern

    1909 Archery Set Pattern

    Make your own Quiver and Archery accessories from leather! It's what they did back then and it's what you should do now! Includes patterns and instructions for a quiver, two arm guards, strap assemblies, finger stalls, and a Robin Hood...

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  • 1912 Gauntlet Pattern Pack

    1912 Gauntlet Pattern Pack

    Remember the last time you were in the middle of a medieval battle and you didn't have any gauntlets? Don't let that happen again! With this gauntlet patters pack, you'll have all of the instructions and tracing patterns you need...

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  • The Voyager Jewelry Case Kit Pattern

    The Voyager Jewelry Case Kit Pattern

    Why not wrap luxury in luxury? Keep your jewelry and other valuables safe in a box made of leather. There is a design shown to get you started. Make it like shown, or make it your own! Approximate completed size...

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  • 0429 Old Jeans Bag

    0429 Old Jeans Bag

    Have an old pair of jeans you've been holding on to since the 80's? Don't throw them away no matter how much the fashion police say you should! Re-purpose them by making them into a bag. You could get really...

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  • Dominoes


    Who cares if you friend has an all ivory set of dominoes? He didn’t MAKE them! Take you love for this classic game to a new level and play with leather domioes. It's like a home field advantage!

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  • 0206 Belts and Holster Patterns

    0206 Belts and Holster Patterns

    Reuger Single Six, Colt Scout, and Colt Single Action,holsters and belts in fast draw, deputy and wild bill styles. Be the definition of authentic. Note: Although the Dee Woolem Metal Lined Holster is shown on the image, it is not...

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