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Father's Day Flash Sale is Happening Now!


Annie Libertini

Annie Libertini

Meet Annie

As the owner of fine leatherworking studio Libertini Arts, Annie Libertini might be better known as the artist behind some of the more creative leather costumes appearing in major network television programs. From zombie masks to alien armor, Annie’s ability to captivate audiences with her leather costumes speaks not only to her talent, but to her creativity. While masks remain her specialty, she also creates a variety of other leather goods including sculptures, accessories, and intricate carvings. When she’s not busy in the studio, Annie enjoys teaching leatherwork classes—often at her local Tandy store in Spokane!

Get Annie’s Exclusive Pattern

Try your hand at creating your own leather mask by downloading Annie’s pattern for a domino cat mask. With essential guides and tips, you’ll have the starting point you need to create a disguise that’s all your own!


Featured Project: Domino Cat Mask

Whether you’re an experienced leatherworker or just getting started, Annie’s exclusive tutorial is filled with helpful tips for taking leather masks to the next level. Watch now to see each step in her unique process!

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