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Sheridan Carving Pattern

Gift Idea: TandyPro® Biker Wallet Template with Carving Pattern

Pair our TandyPro Biker Wallet Template with a custom carving pattern designed by Collin Williams, Tandy Leather Store Trainer. Follow his step-by-step tutorial and download the free pattern to get started!

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1. Cut face panel from 5/6 oz veg tanned leather

2. Cut interior parts from 2/3 oz veg-tanned leather. You will need to add ¼” to the sides of the interior parts if you are going to tool the face of the wallet

3. Mark and punch holes at end of card slots

4. Using a straight edge, cut a slit in-between hole in card slots as marked on template

5. Mark and slot for zipper on coin pouch

6. Use a 1/2” drive punch to punch out the ends of the zipper slot

7. Using a straight edge, cut in-between holes punched for zipper slot

8. Use the integral credit card spacer to mark all stops for credit card pockets

9. Complete all tooling, coloring and clear coating desired

10. Mark or punch all stitching on face panel

11. Sew credit card holder onto cash flap

12. Apply double sided tape alongside of zipper slot on interior of panel

13. Install zipper from the interior of panel

14. Sew in zipper and trim off any excess zipper

15. Apply contact cement to all edges of the panel about ½” in from the edge

16. Fold panel in half adhering all edges together

17. (optional step) use either a v or a u-gouge to make a gouge in the middle of the panel above the card slots

18. Build interior (refer to Makers Leather Supply interiors for instructions)

19. Apply contact cement around the edge of the panel about ½” from the edge along with a thin line in-between card slot and along fold

20. Fold panel and adhere all edges

21. (Optional step) Glue in lining pieces

22. Install line 24 snap

23. Cement card pocket onto face panel and stitch together (refer to hand stitching leather for more detailed instruction)

24. Cement cash flap to coin pouch

25. Mark where closure meets coin pouch

26. Finish edge from corner to mark

27. Stitch from corner to mark

28. Cement coin pouch onto face panel and stitch together

29. Finish all edges (refer to finishing veg-tanned edges for more instructions)

30. Enjoy your finished product!

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