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Jake Danklefs

Jake Danklefs

Jake Danklefs

Founder, Creative Artist, Footwear Design/Manufacturing

As a creative artist, Jake Danklefs (Dank and Co.) fulfills customers’ desires to create a custom product that reflects their personal taste (with the help of a few Red Bulls). From individuals to large businesses, these products may come in the form of shoes, or other objects that may achieve satisfaction to the customer.

Proudly sponsored by Angelus Direct, Dank and Co. applies a myriad of various paints and finishes to leather and other complex mediums. Additionally, the artist applies a skilled use of craftsmanship and attention to detail to perform tasks that are normally reserved for master shoe cobblers. Hundreds of customers have been drawn to Dank and Co., not only for delivering quality products, but for pushing the boundaries of his given discipline. This exceptional work ethic has drawn the attention of many prominent figures in the industry, as well as garnered an envious list of figures to don his customized footwear.

From a simple shoe design to a complex marketing project, Dank and Co. places workmanship and attention to detail at the forefront of customization, from start to finish.

Meet the Team:


Penny is Jake's 13 year old Corgi named after Penny Hardway—Jake's childhood favorite basketball player and signature model shoe. Penny's role at Dank & Co is Head of Security, and she is one tough cookie who keeps the guys in line. She has been nominated "Goodest Girl," 13 years in a row!

Phil Macias @pmacias79

Full Time Assistant

Roland Salinas @salinas.roland

Part Time Assistant

Top Product Picks

Grex Genesis XGI3 Airbrush Combo Kit

Pro Tip: The Grex® Genesis XGI3 Airbrush Combo Kit allows me to layer paint and create custom artwork for my clients that they will be proud to wear!

Grex® Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Airbrush Top Gravity Feed, 0.5mm Nozzle

Pro Tip: The Grex® Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Airbrush Top Gravity Feed is more ergonomic and makes hours of airbrushing easy on my hands!

Angelus® Leather Paints

TandyPro® by Leather Machine Co. NP4 Skiving Machine

Pro Tip: The TandyPro® by Leather Machine Co. NP4 Skiving Machine has been a game changer for my shop. Skiving leather used to take me hours of hard work and stress. Now I can easily skive leather for my projects without the added worry of ruining a piece of leather by over skiving and creating rips or tears.

Angelus® Easy Cleaner Kit

Dank and Co. can be found on the following social media platforms, as well as at their blog:

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