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St. Patrick's Day Quick & Easy Accessories You Can Finish TODAY!

St. Patrick's Day Quick & Easy Accessories You Can Finish TODAY!

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, the excitement for all things green and lucky fills the air. Whether you're gearing up for a festive celebration or just want to add a touch of Irish charm to your everyday style, why not try your hand at crafting some St. Patrick's Day leather accessories? In this blog post, we'll explore a few quick and easy DIY projects suitable for beginners, using scrap leather to create stylish and luck-infused accessories.


*Please note, we have included multiple earring designs that are not included in the video below (including the offset design that is free-handed in the build-a-long) to assist in your projects, please enjoy!


For this no-sew leather bow tie, start by gathering the necessary materials: leather, our FREE bow tie template, and a cutting tool. Lay the template on the leather and trace the bow tie shape before carefully cutting it out. If desired, you can fine-tune the edges for a polished look. Attach the leather bow tie to the center strap ensuring it is centered. You can clip this bow tie to your shirt, or make a simple strip of leather to snap behind your neck. Your stylish no-sew leather bow tie is now ready to add a touch of sophistication to your attire.


Elevate your festive look with a pair of St. Patrick's Day-inspired leather earrings. Cut out simple shamrock shapes (use our FREE pattern linked above) from veg-tan or green chrome tan. Attach a jump ring and earring hooks, and you'll be ready to showcase your Irish spirit with every turn of your head.


To create the leather shamrock hat patch, begin by selecting your materials, including leather, our FREE shamrock stencil, a cutting tool, and the hat you want to embellish. Place the shamrock stencil on the leather and carefully trace the design before cutting it out with precision. Apply leather glue to the back of the shamrock and affix it securely onto your chosen spot on the hat, or use a needle and waxed thread to sew it in place permanently. Optionally, add personal touches or additional embellishments for a unique and personalized look.


Embrace the spirit of St. Patrick's Day by creating your own luck-infused leather accessories. These DIY projects are not only quick and easy for beginners but also make use of scrap leather, promoting sustainability in your crafting endeavors. Whether you're making bow ties, earrings or hat patches your handmade creations are sure to bring a touch of Irish magic to your celebrations and daily life. So, grab your leather scraps and get ready to craft your way to a luck-filled St. Patrick's Day!

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