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Carving Oak Leaves Volume 2 White Oak

Carving Oak Leaves, Volume 1 The Red Oak

The Red Oak is only one of many styles of oak leaves from nature and one of many styles done by leathercrafters. This video program teaches one method of carving and stamping this style.

Carving Oak Leaves, Volume 2 The White Oak

This is one of many styles of oak leaves in nature and by leather carvers. This video shows one of many methods of depicting the white oak leaf on leather.

Carving Oak Leaves, Volume 3 Traditional Western

When saddle-makers and leathercrafters first migrated into what is now Southwestern United States from Mexico, they adapted their designs based on the local vegetation, including oak leaves using the tools they had at the time. This video teaches how to tool these designs in leather.

Carving Oak Leaves, Volume 4 Fast and Easy

This video shows how to tool a very simple oak leaf in leather. Includes tracing, swivel knife cutting, pear shading, beveling, decorative cutting and background-matting techniques.

Carving Oak Leaves, Volume 5 Realistic Red Oak

Volumes 1 through 4 teaches how to tool oak leaves as they have been done for many years. This volume teaches how to tool a more realistic looking leaf.

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