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Sheridan Style Carving

Sheridan Style Carving Part 1

This is your introduction to this popular style of carving leather by master craftsman Jim Linnell. Part 1 shows tracing, swivel knife cutting, stamping flower centers, and pear shading.

Sheridan Style Carving Part 2

Pear shading continues in this segment. Instruction includes how to use undercut bevellers and regular bevellers.

Sheridan Style Carving Part 3

This video continues from parts 1 and 2. It concentrates on the fine details of this style of carving. Includes use of the seeder, veiner, mulesfoot, background, hair blade and the swivel knife for decorative cuts.

Sheridan Style Carving Part 4

This is the final chapter of this video program. In this program Jim shows how to apply the very popular Sheridan Style Finish.

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