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Gift Idea: Slim Wallet with Nick Schade

Gift Idea: Slim Wallet with Nick Schade

Nick Schade made and designed a custom Slim Wallet that is perfect for gifting. Follow his step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!

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  1. Cut out the pieces listed
  2. Focus on the card slot - start by making 2 marks ¼” down from any side of piece A.
  3. Next scratch a line ¼” in from the sides.
  4. Now make two more marks ½” down from the top and scratch a line 7/16” in from the sides.
  5. You should now have parallel lines ¼” from each other with the bottom line being shorter.
  6. Now draw diagonal lines connecting your original two lines to make a trapezoid.
  7. Repeat this process on your second piece.
  8. Glue the back of piece A to the bottom front of Piece B where the card slot is facing up.
  9. Trim a thin line off the sides so they’re flat.
  10. Finish the side you will point towards the middle of the wallet by wetting the edges and sanding.
  11. Use your edge beveler to cut off the leather that got pushed up, or if you don’t have an edge beveler, swipe towards the edge with your sandpaper to make the edge rounded.
  12. Optionally dye the edge.
  13. Using Gum Tragacanth, seal the edge and rub down with a burnisher or a tool handle.
  14. Use an edge marker or something else that can draw a straight line for your stitching. You could use a fork or a ruler to do the same thing.
  15. Stitch with a 17” length of thread only on the inner edge and make sure to finish with both ends of the thread on the back side and cut short. Melt the edges to seal and move onto the next piece
  16. When your edges are finished glue them to piece C. Make sure your finished edges are on the inside.
  17. Make sure to only glue the top bottom and outer edge ande leave the inside dry. This will become a pocket for cards or folded cash.
  18. Do this on both sides and your wallet is almost done.
  19. Trace your lines again around the outside of the wallet.
  20. Punch your holes and stitch one the top side and bottom of one half.
  21. These lines are what you will be stitching now get 42” of thread for this
  22. Finish your edges and you're done!

Nick Schade

My name is Nick Schade, and I’m from central Pennsylvania. I have been doing leatherwork for about a year now - of course that’s only in my free time as I'm an electrical apprentice full-time. My grandfather got me into travel and leatherwork and I have been lucky enough to do both recently. Hopefully one day leatherwork can fund my trips!


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