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Father's Day Flash Sale is Happening Now!


Gift Idea: Dog Collar with Nicole Bradford, Store #136

Gift Idea: Dog Collar with Nicole Bradford, Store #136

Nicole Bradford from Tandy Leather Store #136 made and designed a dog collar for your best friend. Follow her step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!

Dog Collar Pattern

Download the FREE Pattern

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*Disclaimer: Maker is responsible for testing hardware and finished collar to ensure safety of pets. Tandy is not responsible for any harm.


Customize using your favorite products for stamping, tooling, dyeing, finishing, and edging!


  1. Mark holes with the scratch awl.
  2. Using the end punch, cut straps to length and punch all additional hardware holes according to pattern.
  3. Skive indicated areas on the back of straps to approximately half the depth of the leather.
  4. Using a #3 edge beveler, bevel the top and bottom of the straps.
  5. Stamp, tool, dye and finish as desired. Don’t forget the keeper!
  6. Complete all desired edge work. Options include: burnish with the TandyPro Burnishing Set and Tokonole, paint with Fiebing’s Edge Kote, or leave raw! The choices are endless!
  7. Install d-rings, rivets and burrs with posts facing to the outside of the project.
  8. Install buckle and belt keeper in between the rivet and buckle.
  9. Using a rivet cutter and pliers, split one link in the steel chain.
  10. Insert an o-ring and bend chain links back together.

Nicole Bradford, Tandy Leather Store #136

My name is Nicole Bradford and I've been with Tandy since late early 2018, starting in Denver before moving to Colorado Springs #136 and taking over as Store Manager in 2021. My first visit to a Tandy store was for eyelets for a cloth corset I was working on, but I dropped $100 and got an application. The rest is history! I had no intention of making leathercrafting or Tandy more than a part time job, but five years in and I've never been happier.

I am proud of our staff, what we stand for, the passion of our customers and what we're building as a company. There is nothing like seeing the joy and excitement when our new crafters come in with their first projects for us to look over. Being able to bring the hype on their behalf is truly one of my favorite parts of the job, and, maybe a year or so later, being able to help them set up their business because their hobby has become something bigger than they'd imagined. I look forward to many more years filled with crafty endeavors both for myself and our customers! Happy crafting!

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