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Gift Idea: Glasses Case with Elia De Leòn

Gift Idea: Glasses Case with Elia De Leòn

Elia De Leòn, owner of Elia De Leòn Designs, made these glasses cases with a pattern from our Leathercraft Library. Follow her step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!

Download the FREE Pattern

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  • Craft Cuts
  • Leather Making Pen
  • Easy Grip Rotary Cutter
  • Leather Scissors
  • Craftool® Round Drive Punch 1/8" (SKU 3777-02)
  • Magnetic Bag Clasp Rivetback
  • Magnetic Bag Clasp Setter
  • Tanner's Bond Permanent Adhesive Tape
  • Deluxe Rotary Leather Punch
  • Craftool® Pro Fine Diamond Chisels (SKU 88056-)
  • Craftool® Rivet Setter (SKU 8100-00)
  • Craftool® Dot/Rivet Awl (SKU 8056-00)
  • Double Cap Rivets
  • Craftool® Pro Flat Head Poly Maul (SKU 35061-01)
  • Poundo Boards
  • Deluxe Stone Slabs
  • Ritza Tiger Thread
  • Harness Needles - 10 Pack
  • Ruler


1. Trace your pattern with a leather marking pen.

2. Cut out your leather using a rotary cutter and leather scissors.

3. Using a 1/8" drive punch, punch holes for magnetic rivets.

4. Install magnetic rivets.

5. Using Tanner's Bond® Tape, secure both pattern pieces together.

6. Mark rivet holes 1/8" from the top, 1/8" from the edge, and 1/2" apart OR mark your stitch line if you choose to hand sew this project.

7. Using a 1/8" drive punch, punch holes for rivets OR mark sewing holes with a pricking iron if you would prefer to hand sew this project.

8. Use a rivet setter to set your rivets OR take this time to hand sew your project.

9. That's it - you have a finished glasses case!

Elia De Leòn

Elia De Leòn is a designer and stylist. She comes from generations of dress makers, which inspired her to pursue a degree in apparel design. Her mom has played a major role in her career path - she didn’t have much growing up so she learned to make and alter her clothes. This skill was passed down to Elia along with ingenuity and a love for making something out of nothing.

Today Elia De Leòn Designs is a sustainable design house. “We transform recycled garments, dead-stock fabrics and leather into new things you will love to wear”.



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