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If you’re joining us from the UK please visit
If you’re joining us from the UK please visit

Mission & Values

“To build on our legacy of inspiring the timeless art and trade of leatherworking.”

Tandy and its employees uphold these guiding principles to build on the legacy of leathercrafting:

  • Take ownership and accountability
  • Be respectful
  • Act with integrity
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Collaborate to make decisions
  • Embrace change
  • Know and understand our customers
  • Be curious
  • Don't take yourself too seriously

We know that we can do more to make Tandy a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for everyone, and we remain dedicated to making that happen.

As the tragic killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and the unrest that followed sparked a national discussion of racial injustice in our country, we at Tandy Leather began a similar discussion. Our leadership team, our Board, outside advisors and all employees in a Town Hall meeting have been sharing experiences and concerns, listening intently to each other, and coalescing around common values.

One thing is crystal clear: racism has no place at Tandy or in our communities. We expect it is not hard for our employees and customers to agree with this simple statement. What is harder is defining our role in the public discourse and how we can be part of the solution. Corporate mission statements can ring hollow; how can we show our commitment and that we value action over words? Our answers to this question will continue to evolve over time, but as we look forward with hope and excitement to the reopening of our stores, a few immediate actions have become imperatives.

First: As our employees shared their experiences of intolerance, we resolved to create and post a code of conduct, created by Tandy employees, within the four walls of the Tandy store and other facilities. We want Tandy to be a diverse and inclusive place where all employees and customers can thrive. When anyone comes through our door, they look to Tandy Leather as a place where they are accepted fully for who they are and for their love of leathercrafting. No one should have to endure prejudice at Tandy, and we stand behind our entire community in this.

Second: We will continue to openly listen and enable an ongoing dialog on what Tandy can learn during this difficult time and how we can do better. We were tremendously encouraged by the discussion and by how many employees volunteered to join a new employee-led company task force to help make Tandy a place where everybody belongs.

Third: Acknowledge and cultivate the diversity already existing in our Tandy community. Our family of employees and customers is indeed wonderfully diverse – across race and ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and political views. We are proud of this and proud to make it our goal to grow it further and to celebrate the many cultures within our community.

Our mission is “To build on our legacy of inspiring the timeless art and trade of leatherworking.” And leathercrafting is, at its core, about self-expression. Our message to our customers, Make Your Mark, reflects our commitment to individuality, without judgment. We’re here to be the best leather supplier we can be, so our customers can continue to make their next creation, grow their business or pursue their passion.