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  • Tooling With Modeling Tools

    Tooling With Modeling Tools This video teaches how to tool leather using modeling tools only. Learn how to establish borders and lines, beveling, woodgraining, stippling, figure carving techniques and special effects. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.

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  • Matrix Embossing

    Matrix Embossing Learn this method of embossing to produce high relief images on leather. Shows how to design and produce a matrix from heavy leather and how to use them for deep embossing. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos....

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  • Mouse Pads

    Mouse Pads Nearly everyone uses a computer at home and/or work that features a mouse. A great desk accessory is a custom made mouse pad. This video teaches how to design and make personalized mouse pads for yourself, for gifts,...

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  • Mexican Basketweave Lacing

    Mexican Basketweave Lacing Learn how to do this style of lacing that will add beauty and value to your leatherwork. This video teaches how to start, splice, go around corners and finish the stitch. This method is especially good for...

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