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  • Basic Western Floral Carving

    Basic Western Floral Carving All leather carving begins with Basic Western Floral Carving. This video teaches how to use the swivel knife and the six basic leather stamping tools. It includes some basic background dyeing and finishing techniques. Sorry, your...

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  • Matting & Texturing

    Matting & Texturing This video contains a wealth of techniques and ideas to create an endless variety of backgrounds for any leather carving. With this information you will only be limited by your imagination. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded...

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  • Lacing Tips & Hints

    Lacing Tips & Hints For the novice or experienced leathercrafter this video will be very helpful. Teaches how to sharpen and polish thronging chisels, how to use them, how to load a needle, how to do a cement splice and...

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  • Arrowhead Basket Stamping

    Arrowhead Basket Stamping Learn how to plan, layout and stamp the very popular arrowpoint style of basket stamping. Several methods are shown including use of standard and hourglass basket stamps, several border styles and how to do herringbone style stamping...

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