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  • Pictorial Instruction Cards for Leather Carving

    Pictorial Instruction Cards for Leather Carving

    Al Stohlman's methods and techniques made easy. Step-by-step basic leather carving techniques are clearly illustrated and fully explained. Shows tools in action and how to do: basic carving, decorative cuts, fancy borders, figure carving and more. "Right" and "wrong" methods...

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  • How To Color Leather by Al Stohlman

    How To Color Leather by Al Stohlman

    Written by Al Stohlman and includes over 90 step-by-step illustrations, 8 full color pictures, 5 dye mixing charts and a color wheel. Details cross dyeing techniques, background dyeing, figure coloring, highlighting and shading.

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  • Leather - The New Frontier in Art

    Leather - The New Frontier in Art

    Explores leather and its history, leather art techniques, types of leathers, how to use tools and more. Contains hundreds of how-to images and finished pieces by artists from all over the world.

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  • Coloring With Eco Flo by Tony and Kay Laier

    Coloring With Eco Flo by Tony and Kay Laier

    This 40 page book is full of colorful illustrations and photos showing how to use our earth friendly Eco-Flo line. Every Eco-Flo product is discussed - dyes, antiques, finishes, adhesives and more. This book is loaded with helpful tips. There...

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  • Stamping Step Two

    Stamping Step Two

    This book is perfect for beginning leathercrafters and the leathercrafter who makes and sells products for fun and profit. The patterns are easy enough for a new leathercrafter to do with professional results. For the reseller, these patterns can be...

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  • Creative Stamping Workshop

    Creative Stamping Workshop

    Creative stamping is an easy way to create beautiful designs on leather. This instruction book has detailed instructions and photos of 30 creative stamping designs for 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" belts. You will find that each design idea leads to another...

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  • Leather and Wood Vol. II

    Leather and Wood Vol. II

    You'll find 11 more unique projects in this second volume for those who enjoy working with both leather and wood. The projects shown are designed to be useful, decorative and challenge your leathercrafting and woodworking skills. The book includes carving...

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  • Leather and Wood Vol. I

    Leather and Wood Vol. I

    Leather and wood - what a great combination! In this Al Stohlman vintage eBook, you'll find 12 unique projects that are fun to make and useful, too (except maybe the LP Record holder:). Includes carving patterns and instructions for each...

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  • Basketweave Primer

    Basketweave Primer

    The basketweave stamps can be used for many decorative purposes. They are fast and easy to use, and have many design possibilities. They are very effective when combined with traditional floral designs and are just as effective when used to...

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  • Lucky Seven

    Lucky Seven

    17 different wallet designs. Includes tracing and photocarve patterns for decorating your wallets.

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  • Creative Belt Stamping

    Creative Belt Stamping

    There will always be a demand for something that is unique, beautiful, practical and enduring. A well-designed, well-crafted leather belt fulfills all these demands. This book will provide you with a solid foundation in the use of tools, dyes and...

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