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  • Door Hanger Pattern

    Door Hanger Pattern

    This is the pattern that goes along with the instruction for how to make a Miniature Christmas Door Hanger by Charlie Davenport. Just add Jingle Bells! A great companion project are the Leather Holly Leaves. You can find the instructions...

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  • Leather Flowers

    Leather Flowers

    This pattern will help you make stunning leather flowers that can be attached to anything from purses and belts to bracelets and hair bows.

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  • Bold Spirit Belt Bag

    Bold Spirit Belt Bag

    If you have leather, thread, needles, a baby dot snap, an anvil, and a baby dot snap setter, then you have everything you need to make this bag which slips on to any belt! (And if you don't have those...

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  • Eyeglass Case Instructions

    Eyeglass Case Instructions

    You could just set your eyeglasses on your nightstand or table and risk them getting scratched, or you can use this Vintage Kit Pattern to help you craft your own personal case for your glasses! Make it like shown, or...

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  • Marketplace Handbag Pattern

    Marketplace Handbag Pattern

    When this Kit Pattern was first released, a bag this size was meant to go to the market with. Today, it would just be called a purse! These bags (purses) would make a great gift. This Vintage Kit Pattern comes...

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  • The Charmer Handbag Kit Pattern

    The Charmer Handbag Kit Pattern

    Just add creativity and this Vintage Pattern will help guide you in making a hand bag that is as classic as it is elegant. This bag is big and practical with two roomy side pockets. Approximate finished size: 14-1/2” x...

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  • Le Monde Handbag Kit Pattern

    Le Monde Handbag Kit Pattern

    Let this vintage Kit Pattern guide you in making a flap closing shoulder purse that is as elegant as it is classic. The Vintage Kit Pattern comes with 3 designs to get you started. Make it like shown, or make...

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  • Toni II Handbag Kit Pattern

    Toni II Handbag Kit Pattern

    Take this Vintage Kit Pattern and make it your own! Add loops and make it a belt bag. Or, Add dividers and turn it into a clutch purse! Who says you have to follow the rules? Get creative. Make it...

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