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The Basics of Airbrush Safety

The Basics of Airbrush Safety


Airbrushing is, without a doubt, one of the most consistent and least difficult application methods for a large variety of chemicals used in leather crafting. There is also a wide variety of airbrush systems that can be small and portable like the Craftool All-In-One Airbrush up to the more complex rig like the Grex Genesis Airbrush Combo, but no matter the system you choose there are some fundamental safety precautions to take. So read on to learn more or watch the three minute video below to follow along.


The act of aerating chemicals can change the qualities of the chemical, in many case make them unsafe for people to breath. It is therefore incredibly important to ensure that the liquids used in airbrushing are meant to be used in this fashion. Note: A good example of this would be the Eco-Flo Waterstains. Despite being water-based, they contain a chemical that is very unsafe when aerated. It is recommended that these never used for airbrush purposes. Researching the chemical ingredients of your products before use is incredibly important! Using product lines like Fiebing's Pro Dye and Angelus paints is much safer.


Using personal protection equipment, or PPE, is also a must when airbrushing. This term can refer to all sorts of different products, but generally speaking it means wearing glasses or goggles to protect your eyes, a mask or respirator to protect your nose and lungs, and gloves and an apron to protect your skin and clothing.


Safety measures also refer to the sorts of equipment you use or install as a ventilation system that could be fans or a spray booth for work indoors. In some cases it may even be prudent to do your airbrushing outdoors. Remember, though, a garage is still an enclosed space and is not sufficient for proper ventilation without using other equipment in tandem.


There are many things to consider when setting up your airbrush and taking these proper steps to make sure your space and person are protected is ultimately step one. The information listed above is meant to assist, but you can never be too safe, so choose your set up carefully and with your health in mind!
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