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Father's Day Flash Sale is Happening Now!


Heat Imprinter Accessory Pack

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€265,70 - €265,70
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SKU 3980-05


  • Foil Rack - Significantly speeds up imprinting process by allowing user to focus on imprinting instead of trying to cut each piece of foil. Mounts firmly to the machine itself and holds foil in line with the imprinting surface.

  • Tool Holder - Allows use of hole punch, stitching chisels, or 3D stamps with heat imprinting machine by removing heating plate. Fits neatly into press and is completely adjustable, allowing use of tools up to 1/2 in diameter.

  • Cutting Board - Used in conjunction with tool holder accessory when using stitching chisels or drive punches. Place on bottom of machine to protect cutting edge of tools when cutting and punching.

  • Extra Letter Bar - Used to hold letter or number stamps for imprinting.

  • 3D Stamp Holder - Does not include 3D stamp.

  • Gold Foil Paper - 1-1/2 in width foil, 60 m roll.

  • For use with TandyPro® Heat Imprinter 3980-04