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TandyPro Tools M-Series Pricking Irons

UGC 86001-10

These traditional, European-style Pricking Irons offer consistent results with every use, and their strong SKD11 stainless steel construction ensures that the teeth stay straight and evenly spaced. Each size set includes a 6-prong iron and a 2-prong iron.


  • Stainless Steel
  • will punch through thin leather, but is not designed to perforate leather completely. Pricking Irons are intended to mark the stitching holes, not make them, you will still need a stitching awl.
  • cannot withstand drops or hard use. Handle with care.

TandyPro Tools are premium leather craft tools designed and crafted in China by experienced and professional leather crafters. These beautifully designed tools are manufactured using steel, brass, and engineered wood, and are crafted for precision, balance, ease of use, comfort, ergonomics, and long wear. Created to be used on high end leather for premium and professional leather projects, they can be used hot or cool and may have right and left hand options available for select tools. Designed to meet 6 basic needs in leather crafting: edging, sewing, cutting, lining, punching and carving, Since tools can also be used to fold and shape, skive, create stitch holes, prick, crease edges, trim, and burnish leather with ease.