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Moccasin Kit

Prix d'origine €66,42 - Prix d'origine €93,04
Prix d'origine
€66,42 - €93,04
Prix actuel €93,04
UGC 4606-01
Color: Canyon

Make your very own moccasins with a kit from Tandy Leather! This kit features a durable, semi-firm temper leather. This kit can be embossed to make your moccasins unique. The leather will patina over time.


  • Kit Level: 3


  • Pre-Cut Pre-Punched Leather
  • Pre-Attached Insole
  • Lace
  • Lacing Needle
  • Pattern
  • Instructions (English, Spanish, French)

Additional Items Required to Complete (not included)

Optional Tools

  • Binder Clips to secure leather pieces.
  • Stitching Horse to hold leather pieces while stitching.
  • Scratch Awl to widen stitch holes.

Size Chart